Challenging Scratch to survive!

School: EMEB Padre Leo Commissari - SP - SP
Number of students:10
Context:Contra turno
Age:8 a 10 anos
Activity length:5h
Preparation time:1h
Keywords:adventureautobiographycomputingmathPortuguese language
Activity description

Creation of autobiographical stories, 4th and 5th grade content. Working with a tutoring group in the after-school shift, we started the Scratch exploration, which was interrupted with the pandemic. With free characters (personal photos), and the activities produced in this period, create and give life to themselves.


No prior knowledge is required.

Lesson plan

Pedagogical goals

Appropriation of textual creations in the period of the pandemic, appropriation of Scratch resources.

Necessary materials

Lab computers, camera or cell phone for student registration.


Printing of activities sent to the School Unit, photographic records to create movements, feeding the machines with this material.

Conducting the activity

Bringing together the groups, this group is attended in two shifts, morning and afternoon in the after-school shift:
1st class - The challenge of giving life to autobiographies written and reviewed by teachers will be presented. Discussion and organization of main ideas
2nd class - Introducing the scratch image bank, use tests for image change during the creation
3rd class - Advising them to make photographic records with the movements that their characters will have
4th class - Instruction for saving the images on the computer and in the Scratch bank, free exploration to start the creation
5th class - Creation of the autobiography

Discussion and reflection with students

Is your text coherent? Can you create an animation that makes sense to people watching? Can you turn this into a game? What ideas can you add to this project?

Practice report

What went right

The creation of the text and the incentive to use Scratch, individually, remotely oriented during the quarantine period.

What can be improved

I can't evaluate it yet. But I received reports of a lot of excitement for the return to the laboratory.


Name: Soraya Maria Cerino de Oliveira


Subject: I work with the middle school in the computer lab, putting together all subjects.

About the author: I have been a teacher for 10 years, for 5 years I have been developing my activities in the computer lab at EMEB Padre Leo Commissari. When I started I knew the basics of computing, but I ventured into projects and new knowledge. In this area, study and innovation are the biggest differentials. I'm extremely curious and I always hear from people that I act like children, I learn on the test, I don't have the patience for tutorials.